Do you have an allergens list available?

You can find our full allergens list here

Are your restaurants halal certified?

Betty’s Burgers is not independently halal certified, however our chicken products are prepared halal from our supplier. Our beef supplier has also recently received halal certification. Upon request, when preparing grilled chicken burgers and beef burgers, we can offer our guests the option of cleaning our grill prior to cooking to ensure no pork or beef products are present. We can also prepare a grilled mushroom burger under the same conditions. Unfortunately, our fried products are prepared with equipment that is used in conjunction with pork product preparation.

What is a Concrete?

Concrete is the name we’ve given to our in house-made, frozen custard ice cream desserts. All of our Concretes consist of either vanilla or chocolate frozen custard ice cream which is made on site daily, then blended at a high speed with your favourite mix-in ingredients.

Do you have vegetarian or vegan options?

We are always willing to tailor our specific menu items for our guests so don’t be afraid to ask when visiting Betty’s. Our most popular vegan options are the grilled mushroom burger on a gluten free bun, our bare betty with grilled mushroom, the garden salad and of course and our delicious fries.

Do you cater to Coeliacs or Gluten-Free dietary requests?

Restaurants are not legally allowed to present themselves as gluten free unless there is zero gluten on the premises. As such, we have recently updated our printed menu to refer to low gluten (LG) items instead of gluten free (GF). This change has been made due to updates in legal compliance and to ensure that we have our guests health and safety front of mind.
Please ensure you speak to our restaurant manager and advise our restaurant team upon ordering to inform them of any dietary requirements or allergies you or your family has, so they can ensure you are looked after. We take extra care to use clean utensils along with gloves and segregated packaging when any allergy is brought to the restaurant’s attention.

What gluten-free items do you have?

Unfortunately our kitchens are not classed as a ‘gluten-free environment’ and therefore we cannot 100% guarantee a gluten free order. However we have several options on our menu classed as low-gluten.
All of our restaurants offer a specific vegan bun that is baked without gluten, as well as a “bare” burger option that’s wrapped in lettuce as a substitute for a bun. For our coeliac guests, we toast our vegan buns on a separate grill not containing gluten to avoid cross contamination. Please be advised that our Shroom and Crispy Chicken burgers do contain gluten in the breading however, upon request we can prepare a grilled version of these.
Our chips are cooked in a separate fryer in most restaurants to avoid them containing gluten, however we do recommend that you confirm this with the restaurant upon ordering.
Our concretes are made from vanilla and chocolate frozen custard bases which are low gluten, however some of the mix-ins may contain gluten, so please ask the team which ones you should avoid when ordering.

Can you share your menus kilojoules or calories?

Due to the size of our business we are not yet required by law to have our menu recipes measured by industry authorities. We can happily provide you a contents list of each of our menu items in case of allergens but unfortunately, not the specific weights or kilojoules/ calories.

Do you offer dairy free menu options?

Our burger buns contain milk so we would suggest you opt for our gluten free bun and request we toast the bun without butter to ensure we prepare you a dairy free option. It’s also worth noting our delicious signature Betty’s sauce is also dairy free.

Are your products pasteurised?

Our sauces and frozen custards are all pasteurised.

Are you a licenced restaurant?

All of our restaurants are licensed. We serve a selection of boutique beers, wines and ciders.

Does any of your food contain alcohol?

We do not use alcohol to prepare any of our food.

Do your restaurants offer delivery?

We currently offer online ordering for in-store pickup and delivery options in most of our restaurants. Please refer to our website under the Order tab for our full list of delivery services that are available by location.